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Web And Mobile App Explainer Videos

In this Startup era, entrepreneurs try and implement a lot of new life changing ideas. Disruption in the Information Technology has given easy ways for implementing technology based products. That’s why, we have seen that majority of these new business products are web or mobile app based solutions. Now, these startups want to reach maximum number of their audience, prospects or customers. But as we know, on boarding users to a new mobile app or get them registered on a web based platform is very difficult. This raises some questions:

How can you urge a mobile user to install a new app?
How can you easily let them know what features an app has to offer? or
How can a user know how the app is solving his problem?

One of the effective ways is to use Web or Mobile App Explainer Videos. And today, almost all the companies create an App Explainer Video for their product. Because, App Explainer Video explains how it solves particular problem faced by people or businesses. It can also showcase features of the web or mobile application you want to promote. So, without actually installing the app, or making registration, user can know if it is relevant for him or not. Putting in simple words, promoting your web or mobile application through Explainer Videos warms users up for installing it. It gives sufficient information to your audience, users or customers about the app which can help making the decision.

Mr Video, as a Web and Mobile App Explainer Video Company India, specializes in creating App Explainer Videos. A good Web or Mobile App Explainer Video should have following parts in the storyboard:

Areas a good App Explainer Video should cover:
  • Introduction or logo
  • Showcase a problem faced by consumer or business
  • Introduce your app
  • Show how the app solves the problem
  • Showcase the features
  • Show how to access the app
  • Happy ending with contact details and logo

App Explainer Video can be crafted in two styles with respect to showcasing the features. Either by using actual screenshots of the app or using animated wire frame of the screen. In either case, Explainer Video would deliver the message to the viewer how the app and its features are helpful for him.

Many startups validate their idea in the market before actually implementing it. Having a short Explainer Video for your app based idea works like a charm in that scenario. It’s cost effective and wise decision to validate your idea by promoting through video beforehand. This way, you can get the review of your upcoming product from the market.

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Sample of a App Explainer Video:

So, if you plan to create an App Explainer Video to promote your Mobile App or Web App Features, just Say Hello!