Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos

An Explainer Video quickly and effectively explains your startup idea, product or the type of services you offer. Moreover, Video Marketing is a latest trend as video content has a better engagement ability as compared to text content. If you are looking for an Explainer Video Company, you are at the right place.

Making Explainer Videos consists of various stages and parts such as Script Writing, Voice Over, Music, Storyboard, Graphics and Animation. Mr Video provides end-to-end services to create a good quality animated videos which can engage more audience and customers for your business.

Script Writing

The ability of a video to engage the audience remains in effectiveness of the script. Mr Video puts emphasis on creating a well thought of script by engaging with customers to understand their Ideas, Concept, Products, Services or a Brand as a whole. A good script would include following parts to deliver a message to the audience effectively.

  • Introduction
  • Problem statement
  • Proposed solution
  • Approach taken by the company
  • Results achieved
  • Happy scenario
  • Ending

Storyborad is the process of bringing script to life with the help of characters, scenes, graphics, text and audio. It is very important to design each step in the story and put in place right visuals to convey the message effectively through the storyboard sequence.

Graphics and Visuals

It is equally crucial to select the graphics exactly matching to the action as depicted through the storyboard. We use only paid, royalty free and licensed graphics matching to the story. Where required, the graphics is customized or created from scratch to make it suitable for the video in production.

Animation & VFX

Animation is the process of making the visual elements come live by adding various visual effects (VFX) and movements. Selection of the graphical objects and animation as per the script and storyboard makes the video in particular style. For example, 2D Animation Videos consist of characters or actors playing some role whereas a Whiteboard Animation Video consists of hand sketch effects on the whiteboard. Following are different styles of videos you can opt in.

  • Whiteboard Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • 2D Animation
  • Mobile App Explainer
  • Web Based Product Explainer
Voice over

Videos with a voice over yields more results than a videos with background music only due to its inherent ability to engage the viewers. Mr Video puts sufficient time and efforts to select the voice of relevant gender, accent and tone which suits best to the subject of the video. Some of the frequently demanded voice over which company serves are mentioned here.

  • US English Male
  • US English Female
  • UK English Male
  • UK English Female
  • Australian English Male
  • Australian English Female
  • Indian English Male
  • Indian English Female
  • Hindi Male
  • Hindi Female
  • … and your requirement
Background Music

Background music is like icing on the cake for the video quality. Mr Video listens the music options carefully to match it with the video content. Various genre and moods of the music is used for different topics and style of the video.

  • Ambient
  • Classical
  • Rock
  • Bright
  • Calm
  • Happy
  • Inspirational
  • … and more
Sound Effects (SFX)

Adding special sound effects (SFX) at correct places to put emphasize on important parts of the story is very important.

Samples of Explainer Videos

You can find more styles of videos in our Portfolio.

If you plan to create an explainer video for your idea, product or service, just Say Hello, and experts from Mr Video (Explainer Video Company) would get back to you to discuss your idea.