Best HTML5 Tutorial Resources and Websites

Here we have something to discuss about HTML5 Tutorial Resources and Websites.

Want to build cool stuff using HTML5? but don’t know how to do it? So, basically, you are searching tutorial websites and resources for HTML5.

Let me suggest you some great and cool websites and resources where you can learn HTML5 from scratch to Advance.

What is HTML5? (Basic)

HTML5 is the newest hyper text markup language for web by W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). It was first publicly introduced in 2008. Still HTML5 is under development. It is an iteration of HTML after version 4.01.

It works with CSS3.

What you can do with HTML5?
  1. Animation, Images, Scripting Drawing(2D and 3D graphics) using Canvas
  2. more semantically accurate documents
  3. Audio and Video support
  4. web/browser database

So, here is the list of Best HTML5 Tutorial Resources and Websites.

HTML5 Tutorial Resources and Websites

1. W3Schools

As W3Schools is already ever green site for learning web technologies from basic. You can find nice and basic HTML5 tutorial from them. They have beautifully explained each newly released elements and features.

HTML5 tutorial from w3schools

2. HTML5Rocks

HTML5Rocks is Google project. You will find lots of basic and advance tutorials of HTML5 and CSS3. Tutorials are written by some of best programmer from Google, Adobe, Red Hat etc. You can find author list here.

They have mentioned some good development tool and resources. Here is the link.

3. HTML5 Doctor

It is another good resource for learning HTML5 basics. Even you can find some cool article on “How To _______ with HTML5?”

HTML5Doctor helps developers to solve their issue by Ask the HTML5 Doctor where you can ask solution for your issue if you have stuck somewhere while development. You just have to give project link, issue in detail, what you have tried and what you want to do.

4. HTML5 at Lynda

If You are looking HTML5 video tutorials. I think this can work out for you. Though its paid but you will find it useful if you love to learn from videos.

5. HTML5 by Mozilla

Mozilla communities has even shared good and advance tutorials for beginner. They have explained each new element and its feature from the core. You can learn semantics, performance and integration, offline storage, connectivity, device access etc.

If want to look at some HTML5 Demos before starting learning, you can visit

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