How to select between Mobile Native App vs Hybrid App for your business

Mobile Hybrid App vs Native App

This article contains information on Mobile native app vs hybrid app.

Mobile native app vs hybrid app

When you are planning to implant mobile presence of your Business or Organization, you have two choices whether you want to create a mobile application or responsive web application.

You can get some basic difference between Mobile application and Responsive web application on our blog Mobile Web vs Mobile App.

Now, when you decided to design and develop Mobile application for your business or organization, further you need to make a choice from two options,

1. Develop Native application
2. Develop Hybrid application

Native Mobile Apps

The apps which are an operating system or platform dependent are called Native apps. For example, iOs apps are developed using Objective-C programming language, similarly, Android apps are developed using Java programming language and Windows apps using .Net.

Hybrid Mobile Apps

The apps which are developed using technologies such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, and then wrapped in a native container using frameworks like Phone Gap, Titanium etc. is called hybrid apps.

Here we have tried to list out some difference between Native application and Hybrid application. We hope it would help you make the right selection for your business need of Mobile Application development.

How to select between Mobile Native App vs Hybrid App for your business

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