YO YO Official Video | Miss Match | Bhushan Pradhan & Mrinmai Kolwalkar | Avadhoot Gupte



Presenting the Full Video of "Ashi Lajri" from Miss Match starring Bhushan Pradhan & Mrinmai Kolwalkar

Song: YO YO
Music : Neeraj
Singer : Avadhoot Gupte
Lyrics : Dr. Asish Panat


MISS MATCH is a story of a girl Priya (Mrinmai.Kolwalkar)and her search for her perfect match.Priya is the only daughter of a U.S based NRI business man Suryakant Samarth(Uday.Tikekar).Like every father Suryakant .Samarth wants his daughter to get married.But Priya does'nt believe in arranged marriages and asks her father to give her a time of 2 years in which she will find a perfect match for herself,she also convinces him to send her to Pune for her post graduation course.

Directed By: Girish Vasaikar

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